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Luxury Yoga Trek to

Machu Picchu

Dec 6 - 12, 2020

Your Dream Yoga

Vacation Awaits

Yoga Inbody and Inbody Expeditions are excited to present our latest and greatest trip opportunity. Experience the bucket-list destination of Machu Picchu, connect to the energy of Peru through daily Yoga practices with Elizabeth and relax in some of the most luxurious accommodations in South America. 

This 7 day trekking itinerary is the perfect combination of trail time, relaxation time and yoga time. Working with Mountain Lodges Peru we have developed the dream yoga vacation that gives you the opportunity to practice yoga and mindfulness while following in footsteps of the Incas along the trail to Machu Picchu. 


Meeting in the Incan capital city of Cusco, Peru (known to some as the Heart Chakra of the World) you will prepare for your trail adventure to begin. Moving mindfully on the trail and traversing slowly through the river corridors and over the high mountain passes is the key to thriving on the trail at these high altitudes. As you slow down the pace of life begins to mesh with the trail pace.


  It doesn't take long to fall into life on the trail. Before you know it you will be mindfully placing each foot on the trail, appreciating every step of your journey on the way to Machu Picchu. Daily meditations and impromptu trail yoga sessions will lighten your heart while 5-star accommodations, mountain view hot-tubs and world class meals keep you energized and perfectly pampered along the way. 


Eventually the trail leads to the gates of Machu Picchu. Exploring this ancient Incan city with your new trail friends will be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. Returning back to Cusco in style you will be amazed and impressed with yourself for finally investing in your dream vacation. 

This is trip is sure to send you back home floating in your front door feeling accomplished, light and joyous...all in less than 2 weeks. 


When Elizabeth first traveled to Peru in 2014, she was on a mission to become a yoga teacher. She assumed she would learn the poses and how to instruct people to safely get into them. Little did she know she was at the tip of the iceberg. Peru stimulated her mind to work in ways she had never experienced.  It was like someone took the roof off the building and Divine Energy flowed in. When Elizabeth came home after an intensive 3 month immersion, she couldn't wait to return and learn more. Although she has returned countless times to this incredible country, each time there is something new to learn and experience.

"The energy here is what continues to draw me back. Running retreats here gives me an incredible opportunity to share with others to this one-of-kind energy I love." - Elizabeth Kittell

Following in Elizabeth's footsteps Jon first visited Peru in 2016. Exploring the country and the energy there they did what they do best, connected to just the right people to help with the journey. Through exploring the rivers, mountains and practicing yoga their love and connection to this wonderful country continued to deepen.    

"We practiced yoga in the most breathtaking places but the best of them of all was Machu Picchu. Hiking up the mountain from Aguas Calientas which is at the river bottom to watch the sunrise on this magical site was one of the best things we have ever done. It was literally ineffable." -Jon Kittell

In the early spring of 2019 Elizabeth was invited on a trip with Mountain Lodges Peru. Her trekking experience with them was amazing. Their accommodations, guides and chefs were exactly what Elizabeth and Inbody Expeditions was looking for.   

The opportunity has presented itself. Get to see Machu Picchu in person, experience the trail through the Peruvian Andes leading to the ancient Incan city, stay in world class 5-star accommodations and connect to the incredible energy of this place through Elizabeth's guided meditations and yoga practices. 

Our Itinerary

Sunday December 6

Challenge yourself and follow the road less traveled to Machu Picchu. The Salkantay Adventure goes beyond deluxe lodges and a great trek. It is also a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Andean culture as you learn about the Inca civilization and the extraordinary legacy that they left for generations to come.

What's Included

Lodging for all 6 nights of the itinerary
Daily meditations & impromptu trail yoga classes
Local guides along the trail
All ground transport described in itinerary (including train to Machu Picchu)
Gourmet meals (as specified in itinerary)
Shuttle from airport to hotel in Cusco
Entrance ticket & Guide at Machu Picchu
Inbody Expeditions support throughout entire journey

It's Time to Cross Peru off your Bucket-List

We understand the complexity of life. Let us help you get started...

Even if you are not an experienced world traveler, there is a good chance you have heard about the magic of Peru. There is a good reason that Machu Picchu is on almost everyone's "bucket-list" for places to see in their lifetime. The secret to making this happen is accepting that THERE IS NEVER AN EASY TIME to getaway. But when you commit, then providence moves as well.   


More and more of our society is valuing experiences over money in their wallet. Sure there is a price tag associated with this adventure, but the costs of not going could be much greater. Do the research and ask yourself what your mental health and happiness is worth. You are not getting any younger.


We get it, you are responsible for a lot, probably too much. We promise the world can survive without you for 7 days...leave the kids with grandpa, cash in on all that accrued vacation time, and tell your husband to figure out dinner. When you return home, you will be amazed at how things aligned in unexpected ways. If your creative thought channels to making this happen are closed then you REALLY need to come. Start by asking one person for help and let the rest unfold.


International adventures are not the place to pinch pennies. The adage "you get what you pay for" rings even truer in South America, as there is an entire different level of cheap down there. The knowledge you will gain and the memories you will create are priceless. Aren't you worth it? 


That's what we are here for. Many people on Inbody Expedition's trips have never traveled out of the country before. We are here for you and will help the intimidating decisions (like what to pack) manageable.  With our help on this journey you may return home and realize you are capable of seeing the world although the only thing you need to do is close your eyes to see true beauty.

Trip Highlights

Lifetime Deposit Guarantee 
All Inbody Expeditions trips require a $500 deposit to secure your spot

If for some reason you cannot make this trip you will not lose your deposit. We will hold onto your deposit, and it will continue to be valid for any Inbody Expedition trip anytime, anywhere in the world. Or give your spot to a friend (transfer of deposit to another person is only valid for the original trip the deposit was made for). We want you to experience your trip and trust in universal alignment.


Seats are filling up and space on this bucket-list adventure of a lifetime is limited. 
Secure your spot with a $500 deposit and lock-in the early bird special price of only






No problem, we're here to help!

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