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5 Grounding Techniques to Help You Return Home Smoothly

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

The saying goes, "The best thing about traveling is returning home." However sometimes it can be rough to transition back into your pre-travel daily routine. Here are a few suggestions to help you return home with grace.

We want you to carry the good energy home!

As someone who has traveled a lot I know it can be difficult to explain how powerful a trip was. The smells, sights, textures and tastes are imprinted internally. Remember that people will see the energy you embody and know it was wonderful because of your glow! Do not rush to share all the experiences, your stories will come out with time.

The best thing you can do to transition is to nourish yourself. Here are a few suggestions to help. Enjoy!

1) Take a hot shower and do an Abyangha oil massage

Almost everyone will want to shower after traveling home but we suggest you use this opportunity for self care. Traveling takes a lot out of us and our Vata energy gets out of balance. When you do an oil massage, you are grounding the air element and stimulating the flow of blood and lymph. Think loving thoughts and thank your body for its support while you traveled. If you weren't on the Peru retreat, click here for information on how to perform this ritual.

2) Schedule a date and time to share with friends

Everyone is busy - this is one reason why it is incredible to travel to cultures that don't value constant activity. Tryin to share your massive experience into a quick rushed conservation can be overwhelming and disempowering. We have found it is best to schedule a "Cultural Experience" gathering for your friends and family. Create a slideshow (you don't have to share it all - just put in your favorites) and make sure you have out some of the wonderful items that you brought home. For example after Peru you could share a cup of Coca tea and burn palo santo next to your new Alpaca Blanket.

We get to practice in this high vibration space in Peru!

3) Go to a Yoga Class or Meditation

A big part of traveling happens internally. Yoga is the union of the mind and body. Perhaps your body has returned home but your mind is still traveling. Yoga will help you feel whole and present. Especially if you just got off of a yoga retreat and were practicing every day - going to a studio can be extremely grounding and centering. Your body will thank you after all the seated time while traveling!

4) Make a gratitude list

When you get back from an international trip, it is amazing how you notice differences about your house, city and everyday life. Take note of what catches your attention and cultivate gratitude for your culture and home. Use your fresh perspective to make a short list of everything you are grateful to have...for instance CLEAN RUNNING WATER!

5) Write reviews and keep the positive energy flowing

Sometimes the best people to share your experience with is the people you don't even know. Inbody Expeditions appreciates hearing about your adventure on Trip Advisor and Facebook. It also helps us continue to offer you outstanding service. Your experience will give other people the courage to travel. Just think about everything you gained!

Post Machu Picchu Dinner

Sometimes we have to leave to realize how good we have it. The challenges of traveling can fuel the most powerful changes. Our last suggestion and perhaps the most important is to reflect upon your experience with COMPASSION. You learn so much about yourself when you keep the heart open.

We can't wait for our next adventure. Check out Inbody Expeditions' upcoming trips in Nepal. This is great motivation to stay heathy and balanced all year long.

Love and Light,


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