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The Joys of Surrendering while Traveling by Jon Kittell

On the day before I left the country for two weeks I was busy taking care of my long to do list.

I’m sure you’ve been there before, trying to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s before you go. One of the important details that I put off until the last minute was arranging my shuttle ride to the airport.

As the business hours wound down the Sunday after Thanksgiving I called the shuttle service only to find they had closed. What was I going to do? I had to get to the airport Monday morning to catch the first of many flights on my way to Peru. Deciding to release attachment I did not worry about elements outside of my control.

I would simply call them Monday morning and see if I could get on a shuttle. Monday morning came and when I called them, the shuttle that I needed was unavailable. I decided to book an earlier one as earlier is always better than later when traveling internationally. And what was adding a few more hours to an already 15+ hour flight itinerary?

I caught the earlier shuttle, arrived at the airport early, and had zero stress collecting my bags, getting checked in, and moving through security. How nice it was to move through this high stress location in a low stress manner. I headed to the gate with a plan to sit down and finish a few more items on my to do list. When I got there, they were boarding a flight to the Dallas/Fort Worth airport - the same flight I was scheduled for two hours later! Since my connection time in Dallas was pretty tight, I decided to check on seat availability for this earlier flight. What do you know - I was allowed to switch flights and arrive in Dallas with much more time to spare!

Because I released attachment early on, I created space for the Divine to work. Arriving at the airport earlier than I originally planned allowed me to get an earlier flight and have a much less stressful time catching my connecting flight in Dallas.

As we come into the holiday season - a stressful time of year for some of us - think about releasing control. Where in your daily life could you release control and see what happens?

Give it a try. Who knows- it might work out better than you ever expected.

Safe travels,


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