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The Top 5 Reasons to Spiritually Reset in Peru

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Yes, world adventuring IS for you!

One of the things I love about the miracle of the internet is being able to see so many pictures and videos of places I’ve never been but desperately want to visit. It’s incredible how small the world can feel when learning about a new, exciting culture. It is seriously only a few clicks away. I will admit, though, that sometimes there is some “travel” envy happening when I scroll through Instagram and Facebook posts of far off, magical lands - like Peru.

Peru is powerful for so many reasons; it is said that it is the Heart Chakra of the world. But is this type of adventure really for you? Could you really pull it off? Is it practical?

Here are my top 5 Reasons a Spiritual Reset in Peru is for YOU

1. You Need a New “Status”

I get it, you have a lot going on. For some strange reason, we live in a society that puts an incredibly high value on “busy.” We love telling people how busy we are with work, and the family, and the fur babies, and everything else in the planner for the week. There seems to be some kind of superficial satisfaction that comes along with the proclamation of “BUSY!” But… is busyness really, truly satisfying?

As far as I can tell by embracing the status of “busy” we are only looking at … more busy… tomorrow, and the next day, and the next - I don’t know about you but being busy for the rest of my life makes me feel exhausted and a little nervous - and it’s not even noon yet.

“Busy” is definitely the most sought after and most proclaimed status in the modern world, but is "busy" really the word you want to define your life on a day to day basis? If not, if you are searching for a better adjective to describe your life - you may need to step out of your element, reset, and find a word and vibration that resonates with you. Peru is the perfect spot for you to escape so you can design a life of intentional creation - instead of simply being “busy.”

2. You’re tired - at a Spiritual Level

I also want to add, because it seems so common these days - you’re confused at a spiritual level. There are a lot of shifts going on in the world as people explore outside of the constructs of traditional religions and embark on a journey of personal spirituality. There are a lot of paths one can choose to take and that seems overwhelming. Sometimes it seems easier to just go backwards in the familiar, because stepping forward has too many options and it’s impossible to know which one is right.

Removing yourself from your daily elements and influences gives you the opportunity to evaluate what is meaningful to you. It gives you the opportunity to expand your consciousness and compassion in a way that wouldn’t happen if you stayed at home on your couch.

And while guides will be traveling with you to keep you safe - they will not be there to keep you the same. They will encourage changes in your mindset and priorities as you discover your own truths and your personal path to spiritual freedom.

3. You’re Ready for Leveling UP

Whether you are just beginning your journey into personal freedom and power, or you have been on your path for a while - sometimes we just need to SHAKE THE PSCYHE to remove familiarity and stagnation.

Hiking through the mountains of the Sacred Valley in Peru, witnessing the raw beauty and wisdom of ancient civilizations and discovering yourself amongst the rich history of the country will absolutely change you in a truly profound and lasting way.

Now, this isn’t reading a Wayne Dyer book and resolving to be nice to Janice next time she’s gossiping in the break room, although both of those things can be helpful. This is a MAJOR shift forward, for those looking to break through their current “spiritual plateau.”

4. You’ve Got Some Major FOMO Going On

Raise your hand if you’ve got over 40 destinations pinned to your “World Traveler” board on Pinterest or a passport with only a few - or NO stamps in it.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever grimaced at the parade of vacation photos on your newsfeed and felt jealous of the adventures everyone but you seems to be having.

If you’ve got the urge to adventure and explore, then do it!

5. You’re Running Out of Excuses

I have a million of them, I know you do, too. But how far have excuses ever really gotten you? I know in my life, my excuses are only there to keep the boat from rocking. They keep me in emotional homeostasis - that place I am maybe not SUPER HAPPY in, but I’m comfortable enough there so it’s “fine.”

The good news about people like us though, is eventually our spirit is going to get fed up with the excuses and push us to change. We actually start running out of excuses to stay the same and start coming up with reasons to change.

You might still be packing some excuses with you while you’re reading this. That’s ok - all I ask is that you evaluate what your excuse is really trying to do.

BONUS REASON: You Don’t Know How to Spiritually Reset

I’m adding this one as a bonus because I think the idea of a “spiritual retreat” or “reset” is so appealing to so many of us. We KNOW deep down that we desperately need something like this - but we have absolutely no idea how to do it - or what we need.

Fortunately, Jon and Elizabeth Kittell DO know how to facilitate your journey, both logistically as you travel throughout Peru, and spiritually as they guide you to your true Self. You can expect self-discovery through yoga, magical meditation ceremonies, hiking to Macchu Pichu, stand up paddle boarding, and more. With all travel, meals, and lodging taken care of for you - all you have to do is show up ready to be more than you were the day before.

For more information on our upcoming Peru retreat, click here.

Love and safety from my world to yours,


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